TOUGH is a survey of a carefully selected sample of 69 gamma-ray bursts, designed for statistical analysis and future legacy value. The gamma-ray bursts were discovered and localised by the Swift satellite and subsequently followed up from ground. The core survey is based on an ESO Large Programme consisting of deep late R and Ks band imaging (for host identification and photometry) and spectroscopy (for redshift determination and studies of Lyα emission properties). These data have been supplemented by HST and Gemini photometry and X-shooter/VLT spectroscopy. At longer wavelengths, subsamples have been observed by IRAC/Spitzer and with radio observatories. The sample is intended for further investigations with ALMA, EVLA, and JWST. We here make all existing data from the ESO Large Programme and catalogs publicly available.

The Optically Unbiased GRB Host Survey