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Anja C. Andersen
Dark Cosmology Center
Juliane Maries Vej 30
DK-2100 Copenhagen Ø

Telephone: +45 3532 5991 (secretary)
Telephone: +45 3532 5892 (direct)
Telephone: +45 5148 3688 (mobil
Email: anja (a) dark-cosmology.dk

NEWS: The book Bohr på ny is now available. It is a book on Niels Bohr in honor of the 100 years since his paper in 1913 was published on which he later received the Nobel Prize. It has been granted extremely excited and positive reviews in the Danish Ingeniøren.

RESEARCH: My research is centered around the astrophysics of dust. Cosmic dust particles play an important role for the thermal, dynamical and chemical conditions in many astrophysical environments, especially for the star and planet formation process and the late stages of stellar evolution. Dust particles determine the spectral appearance of proto-stars as well as of evolved stars with circumstellar envelopes, and they also dominate extinction curves of galaxies.

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