Awards and honors which Anja C. Andersen have recieved or been nominated for

Photo's by Jussi Nuorteva
2014: Awarded Direktør N. Bang og hustru Yrsa Bang født Troensegaards Scholarship for academic achievement.

2011: Awarded Det Naturvidenskabelige Fakultets Formidlingspris for extraordinary contributions to the Facultys public outreach activities.

2009: Awarded Svend Bergsøes Fonds Formidlingspris for outstanding public outreach.

2009: Awarded Mathilde prisen for my contributions towards equallity between women and men in academia.

2009: Our book Pigen der ville give sin mor en stjerne was amoung the three finalist for Orla-prisen 2009 competing for the titel of best children book of the year.

2008: Awarded The Danish Association of Masters and PhD's research prize.

2007: Elected member of The Danish Academy of Technical Sciences.

2006: Awarded the Danish Radio's Rosenkjærpris for outstanding public outreach.

2006: Awarded The Kirstine Meyer's Award for outstanding research. Pressemeddelelsen.

2006: Awarded The Outstanding Young Person TOYP 2006 for academic acheivement, by Junior Chamber International Danmark JCI - Worldwide Federation of Young Leaders and Entrepreneurs. Pressemeddelelsen.

2005: Awarded The Descartes Prize for Science Communication (laurate) for outstanding excellence in Science Communication. Thank you speech presented at the ceremony.

2004: Awarded The Danish Award for Outstanding Public Outreach (Danmarks Forskningskommunikationspris 2004) by the Danish Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation.

2003: Nominated for The Educational Material Price (Undervisningsministeriets Undervisningsmiddelspris 2003) from the Danish Ministry of Education, for the teaching material Videnskabet, which include the book Made of Stardust (Skab af Stjernestøv).

2000: Awarded the Allan Mackintosh Award for public outreach by the widow Jette Mackintosh and the Niels Bohr Institute.

1999: The program Kosmos won the Prix Magazine at the 16'th International Science-television-festival in Paris. Kosmos was the most popular programs on DR2 in 1998.

1997: Awarded Writer of the year (Årets forfatter 1997) by the Danish Astronomical Society (Dansk Astronomisk Selskab).

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