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I have written five astronomy books in danish: Skabt af Stjernestøv (from 2001 and which includes a teachers instruction and an interactive CD aimed at grade 9-10), Stjernestøv og Galakser - Himlen set fra Jorden (from 2006), Stjernestunder (from 2007) and Pigen der ville give sin mor en stjerne (a children's book for age 3-9 years from 2008). The childrens book is translated into Korean (2009) and is currently under translation into chinese and english. The second childrens book Pigen der ville have en anden fødselsdag were released in the book stores spring 2012 and the same year came the book Livet er et mirkal (life is a miracle). In 2014 came the third children book Pigen der ville have alting til at forsvinde, as well as a small book on Comets which is part of the awesome Vild med Viden series aimed at school children to satisfy their scientific curiosity. In 2015 Anna Mejlhede and I published a Undremagasin aimed at teenager and adults in an attempt to stimulate their curiosity regarding the meaning of life and the wonders of the universe.

I have participed in three interview books: Demens den anden frekvens by Asbjørn Nosh (2008), Dømt til at skabe by Bo Østlund (2009) and Lykkelig i nørdland by Dorte Toft (2009). And written chapters for the books Bohr på ny by Lone Bruun, Finn Aaserud and Helge Kragh (2013), Dansk astronomi i kikkerten by Lone Bruun and Kristian Pedersen (2010) and the catalog for the Meteoritic Exhibition at the Natural History Museum of Denmark.
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